The 3rd Asia Live Tour "MIROTIC"
Corée du Sud

Nombre de Spectateurs
20.02.200913 000Corée du Sud
21.02.200913 000Corée du Sud
22.02.200913 000Corée du Sud
04.04.200920 000Chine
27.06.200916 000Taiwan
28.06.200916 000Taiwan
11.07.200940 000Chine
02.10.200920 000Chine


01. Intro16. Love In The Ice
02. HEY! (Don't bring me down)17. Don't Say Goodbye
03. 영상+악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)18. 인사
04. Rising Sun (순수)19. 영상+XIAHTIC - Junsu Solo
05. 영상+낙원 (PARADISE)20. 체크메이트 (CHECKMATE) - YunHo Solo
06. 무지개 (RAINBOW)21. 영상+주문 (MIROTIC)
07. Opening Ment22. 영상+The way U are (remix)
08. HUG (포옹) remix23. Somebody To Love
09. 영상+사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love) - Yoochun Solo24. 영상+ CRAZY LOVE
10. 그것만이 내세상 - JaeJoong Solo25. 영상+하하하쏭 (ha ha ha Song)
11. Upon This Rock - ChangMin Solo26. Sky
12. 영상+Wrong Number27. Ment
13. Purple Line28. Song For You
14. 영상+풍선 (Balloons) remix29. Tonight
15. 영상+반달30. Ment Closing